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Our Special Angels

These are our Special Angels, dogs that have come to us with some condition that will prevent them from being adoptable.  They may be blind, in  hospice care, or have doggie dementia (CCD).  Whatever their illness, AMAR accepts them, and our volunteer foster homes take them in to provide love and stability for the remainder of their lives.  Some call them Forever Fosters.  This is a list of the Forever Fosters in our care at the current time, and their stories.

If you would like to help support the ongoing support and medical expenses for any one of these Special Angels, please click on the Donate button below each dog.  You can set-up monthly payments to help them. 

Donations requested for a particular dog will all go toward that dog's care.  All overflow donations or funds will go toward our Mission of saving other Maltese dogs.

We thank you.
Update:  March 7, 2013

Max is doing remarkable well and is now ready for adoption.  He loves to cuddle yet also enjoys his own space.  He walks well on a leash on his frequent neighborhood walks.  People encounter Max and foster mom, Bron have to be told that Max is blind.

Max is now wearing Muffin’s Halo to help him keep his head up and move faster. 

Update:  January 7, 2013

Max encountered some complications following his surgery with an infection in one of his corneas thus requiring another surgery to remove the infected cornea.  During the last month this little guy has made great strides while recuperating in the home of Tami Karlsson while foster mom, Bronwyne is on vacation.

December 7, 2012

Max is a small 4 ½ lb. male Maltese adult approximately 8 to 10 yrs. of age.  He ended up in a Southern California shelter.  The shelter staff contacted Bronwyne Mirkovich as they were concerned about his vision and large, bulging eyes.  Bronwyne evaluated Max, and she recommended that Max being examined by the Eye Care for Animal Clinic in Los Angeles.  During this exam the doctor found that Max had extremely acute glaucoma that had caused his loss of vision.  The excessively high pressure in both eyes was causing him to have acute, continuous pain.  Max was immediately started on medication to reduce the pressure in his eyes.  The eye specialist recommended that his bulging eyes be removed with his corneas maintained and ocular implants be inserted to give him the appearance of having eyes although his vision could not be restored.

While Max was being treated to reduce his eye pressure, his badly neglected teeth were cleaned.  During this time period, Max has enjoyed love life with Bron and her husband, Steve.  It is amazing to see him maneuver around her home and yard as though he had lived there for years. 

On Dec 3rd Max had successful eye surgery, and he is now recuperating in Bron’s home.  Half of his eye lids were temporarily closed to protect his corneas.  To protect his eyes Max is sporting a cone and receiving pain medication which has altered his equilibrium and causes him to be confused at times. To help Max cope and relax, Bron carries him around her home in a pouch which allows him to nap at intervals.  When Max’s stitches are removed in 10 to 14 days his new implants will be inserted, and he should be over the worst part of his care to help him live as normal a life as possible without the tremendous pain of glaucoma.

A special thanks goes out to all of the wonderful people who donated money to help cover the expenses for Max’s eye procedures and surgery.  Max has received outstanding, tender loving care thanks to Bron and Steve Mirkovich. 
See Max on You Tube:
Max is pictured with the founder
of Muffin’s Halo.
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Update:  August 7, 2014

Max, an AMA Rescue, is recovering nicely from a surgery to remove his cornea and close his remaining (already blind) eye. The tiny senior who was blind with glaucoma when he was rescued appears to be aging in reverse. The more healthy and confident he became, the harder he was on his interocular prosthesis. He recently had a vet exam and his heart was murmur free and his lab work was a thing of beauty - not a surprise to me since lately he acts like Genghis Fluff. His tear production diminished making his cornea more vulnerable so we decided that the next time he headbutted something and ulcerated his cornea that we would have the surgery done while he was a healthy senior and remove any possibility of him having to go through an infection or surgery at an even older age. Max just had the stitches removed and he received a gift of Muffin's Halo For Blind Dogs butterfly wings from the creator Silvie Bordeaux. Thank you Silvie, Max is modelling his gift. Max is in great shape and loves his life with or without eyes so keep sending him the love, Genghis Fluff has an ego like no other.
Jazz’s Story

December 2016 Update

Our hearts are torn in two. Our little goofball, Jazz, earned her wings on Christmas Eve.

Jazz was a special needs girl with a liver shunt who AMAR cared for and fostered for a over a year. She never met a stranger; absolutely loved everyone she met. She would get so excited to meet you she couldn't contain herself and just wiggled in sheer joy.

A wonderful Forever Home adopted her just a few months ago. Her Family fell madly in love with her. Jazz was so happy to be wanted. Her adoptive family is crushed. Please keep Jazz's family and all her many friends in your thoughts at this sad time.

We know Jazz is pain free, wiggling like crazy as she is making loads of new friends at The Bridge. RIP Jazz. We will always love you.


October 2016 update

Jazz got ADOPTED!!!

Once upon a time, one year ago, there was a little 9lb. filthy gray matted ball of fluff who no one wanted. She was found wandering the streets of a resort town in Sonoma County, California. The good news was she had a microchip. The bad news was the registered owner said she didn’t want little Jazz, and had given her away 3 years earlier. The shelter called the 2nd parents and they didn’t want her either. Because little Jazz was white once cleaned up, the shelter contacted AMAR.

Once in our care, it was discovered Jazz had a liver shunt (a birth deformity). A liver shunt can be repaired IF it is corrected in the first year or so of a dog’s life. Jazz was 5 years old. The surgery at this age is a huge risk, and the dog could still be lost in recovery. Jazz could maintain a good quality of life with prescription diet and medications, but she would probably be a Forever Foster, because no one would want to adopt a Special Needs dog like her.

Jazz got lots of love and care in her Foster Home. It took quite a bit to figure out the proper levels of medication and food for her diet. Meanwhile, she also endured an eye infection and a foxtail abscess, but she wanted her own family; people who wanted HER!

And suddenly a family appeared. Only problem was they were quite a long distance away. They were perfect. They LOVE to care for Special Needs dogs, and they are very experienced with canine health. They volunteer at their local Humane Society, frequently foster, and most importantly, they WANTED JAZZ. We checked them out 6-ways to Sunday. Then we pulled strings, called in favors, and made arrangements to transport her. The stars aligned.

Jazz went to her Forever Home. This is Jazz as she boarded her Pilots N Paws flight. They graciously flew her 833 miles to her new home.

Now she is with her very own family; the people who wanted her, starting her Happily-Ever-After.


We were contacted by one of our partner shelters that they had a 5-year old female Maltese/Shih Tzu cross, and we agreed to take her.  One of the first actions we take as a rescue is to have a Vet exam, which includes a blood panel, to see if there are any physical issues.  Jazz was diagnosed with a liver shunt. 

A liver shunt is not a disease.  It is a birth defect of the blood vessels that carry blood from the intestines to the liver.  If it is caught very early in the puppy’s life surgery can change the vessels so they connect to the liver correctly.  The older a dog gets, the chances of successful surgery dwindle rapidly.  At age 5, Jazz was at extreme risk of not making it through the surgery, and/or recovery.  The lack of adequate blood supply all these years prevented her liver from growing to normal size.  Thus, it would not be able to handle normal blood flow.

Jazz is on several medications to treat her symptoms and prevent her from being in pain.  No one can predict how long she will live.  Right now she is at one of our loving Foster Homes where she is comfortable and content. 

Jazz is the cutest little 9 lb. girl, who just loves to meet new people.  She jumps around at their feet, and does zoomies when she first meets you.  She tires easily, and LOVES dog beds.   It is a good thing there are LOTS of dog beds all over her Foster Home. 
Elf’s Story

Elf was plucked from South Los Angeles Shelter in October 2014.  His eye had ruptured, he was senior and obese with rotten teeth and scheduled to be euthanized. A sweeter, mellower dog you would not find. He was taken straight to Eye Care for Animals and his two options were eye removal or corneal graft surgery to save his eye and his sight.

His foster called in a favor and Hope for Paws paid for Elf to have corneal graft surgery. Elf’s blood work was normal and his surgery and recovery went without a hitch.

His graft took and his eye healed beautifully. The Ophthalmologist mentioned that Elf was hard to intubate for surgery because he had been crudely debarked leaving him with scar tissue in his throat. On his first trip to the beach in February he drank salt water and threw up. Elf stopped breathing and was taken to emergency where he remained on oxygen for five days with aspiration pneumonia. It was a scramble to cover his bills but everyone chipped in and Elf made it through.

Elf recovered and was making great progress, but his weight would not shift despite a strict diet and more frequent exercise. In June Elf suddenly became ataxic in all four limbs. His liver values began to rise. We long suspected Elf was cushingoid but his previous labs did not bear it out. Something was changing.

At first Elf’s symptoms looked like disc disease but he had no pain. His MRI was quickly rerouted from his spine to his brain when the neurologist saw syringomyelia in his cervical spinal cord she went up to the brain to find the source and saw a moderate to large cyst with mild hydro. The cyst has several names but she referred to it as a quadrigeminal cyst. Elf was likely born with the cyst in his brain so she performed a spinal tap to try to find out why it flared up so suddenly causing him the intermittent loss of limb use. The results of the tap were normal. The cyst was a rare finding and a conclusive diagnosis. Elf has since been diagnosed with Cushing’s and he is in the early stages of treatment and showing hopeful signs. Perhaps the Cushing’s symptoms caused his brain cyst to grow - the specialists can’t say for sure but it certainly seems coincidental.

Elf has safely slimmed down from 9 pounds to 7.5 pounds. He will never be a normal dog, but he is a loving dog. Despite all that has gone wrong for Elf he continues to wag his tail and make everyone smile with his cheerful disposition. He loves life even though he gives Foster Mama a regular heart jolt.
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Micah’s Story

Micah means Angel of Miracles, and this girl certainly is a miracle.  Brought in as a stray to Animal Care and Control in NYC, she was in deplorable condition and scheduled to be euthanized the next day. That’s when AMAR stepped in to save her. 

Estimated to be as old as 14-years of age, she was taken directly to a Vet, as she was in a great deal of pain.  She was found to have a seere infection in her face from her ear to her jaw and needed immediate surgery.  She was also deaf and blind.  Micah was then transported to her Foster Home in PA, and then under the care of Dr. Heather Westfall, DVM.  Micah went through several major surgeries, including spay, mammary tumors, and then having both eyes removed. 

Micah not only fought to survive on the streets, but she fought to make it through each of her surgeries.  She is thriving and doing well today in her Foster Home.  She even plays upon occasion. 
If you look up the word “rescue” in the dictionary, Micah’s picture should be there.
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Jamie’s Story

Jamie was saved in May 2015 by AMAR on her last day at a kill shelter where she had been dumped by her owner.  She came to rescue in severe pain with a major ulcerated vulva, vaginal infection and cleft deformity.  She was crying in pain from the infection and was immediately taken to the Vet.  It took months of antibiotics to clear the infection, but she was still leaking urine and further medical testing showed she needed ureter surgery.  With generous donations, Jamie was able to undergo surgery on her left ureter, but they then discovered she had the same problem with her right one.   There is scarring which prevents further surgery.

Jamie is a sweet, loveable, nearly 3-year old Maltese who loves life and people, despite her health issues.  Her cleft palate is just a cosmetic issue, and it doesn’t stop her from eating, drinking or giving kisses.  Her leakage means she needs to wear a belly band, but she doesn’t seem to mind it.  She’s taking new medications that may help with that.  Because of AMAR Jamie is able to know what it is like to live without pain, and what it means to be loved.
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Donations requested for a particular dog will all go toward that dog's care. 
All overflow donations or funds will go toward our Mission of saving other Maltese dogs.
Darling Darcy was 14 ½ years old and 7 lbs. when she came to us in late December 2016, because her mom, of 103 years old, had passed away.  She had been with her mom since she was a puppy.  Darcy may not be pure Maltese.  She has a Maltese coat, but her ears stick up a bit.  That’s OK.  She’s loved at her foster home anyway.

Darcy is deaf, almost blind, stiff with arthritis, but otherwise a healthy girl.  She had bad teeth, but a dental solved that problem.  She wasn’t in her foster home very long before they discovered that she also has CCD (Canine Cognitive Disorder), or Doggie Dementia.  This causes her to wander around lost in her own little world.  Touching her causes her to panic.  However, once she is touched, she does enjoy petting and scritches. 

Darcy has memory-mapped her Foster Home and can find her way without bumping into walls or other dogs.  She is now comfortable with the household routine, the other dogs, and a cat.  She would prefer to sleep-in, but once she is awake, she is AWAKE.  She does her best to run zoomies around the house.  A fun time for Darcy is exploring the grass in the backyard under the constant supervision of her Foster Mom.

Because of Darcy’s CCD, she is not available for Adoption.  It would be much too stressful for her to learn a new home, other pets, and a new routine.  Thus, she will remain happily in her Foster Home where she is one of our Special Angels that will be in the love and care of AMAR until the end of her own days.  

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